Still Live Project – Sweet as…

I wrote earlier this morning about my new direction I have taken my Still Life Project and I decided to run a quick follow up, as I have been so busy and I am so happy with the images I am currently creating.

One of my Tasks for Session 12 of Be Still was Pretty Pastels, I was kind of keen on M&Ms in a giant Martini glass…………struggled trying to locate one without paying a fortune for it, so I came up with an alternative plan. I bought some Sweethearts (Do you have them where you are?), and a few other lollies (or candy) and my daughter had bought some sweet cupcakes as a special treat, so I set up this shoot on the back deck, my new favourite natural light space. All shot in later afternoon soft light.

And you want to know the best bit? All of it vegan…………… eggs, , no dairy, all gluten free……………OK not guilt free, but something I can eat, enjoy and it was all delicious!!!

So I had a great shoot and a great pig out! I need a cuppa to go with all that. 🙂