Manic Mondays

Soar – Original Composite Image

Another week down and Autumn seems to be quickly turning to Winter, and much too soon. We had some cooler days this last week and quite cold nights; had me looking for woollen jumpers and scarves! Still, we have some sunshine during the shorter days. After spending the last 2 weeks on my own Still Life Project I figured it was time to turn my attention to other things.

Another photography outing with my new Victorian Awake buddies, had us doing a newborn and toddler shoot. Something new for some of them, and some more play time for myself. We agreed that a studio shoot would be better for the bubs, and as I am the only one with a studio set up, it was decided to be at my place; and I have my gardens for the toddlers. As there were several photographers I set the studio up, but also a secondary mobile studio on the back deck, it has lovely soft natural light out there in the mornings and it can be enclosed and heated.

On Sunday we Hosted another MPE Shoot at Healesville Animal Sanctuary, wonderful day spent with Togs and then we headed off to do our own thing. That is all I seem to be doing lately, my own thing………not that I am complaining, it’s been truly wonderful – but it does not pay the bills (hence why I still have a day job!). This is a Helmeted Honeyeater, and as you can see……..not shy around cameras; however trying to take your own shots was cumbersome with a bird on the lens!

We ventured off to Warburton to find the ancient Redwood Forest, GPS took us on a magical mystery tour and we went the long scenic route, what should have been a 20 minute drive took over an hour! Finally we found it and I managed to get some more images for my Mask collection………more on that later.

DSC_5258-EditMy Still Life Study has been wonderful and I am thrilled with the direction it is heading, and I have learnt so much, I am doing a conceptual art class later this month, so no doubt that will take me in yet another direction. I set out to learn this year and I can hardly believe just how far I have already come. My photos and composition have improved dramatically, but so has my digital artwork. And as much, as I love exploring and shooting landscapes (City or seascapes) I have learned that I adore Still Life and Portraits…………especially creative portraits, I knew I always enjoyed portraits, but now I know. The whole wedding, big family thing not so much; individuals, kids and babies sure, especially if they let me be creative with the images. But I am adoring the conceptual art, but still have such a long way to go with that.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…..