Seven Days of Nature Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 of the Seven Days of Nature challenge I was nominated by Desley and Robin. I do love a good challenge, but sometimes finding someone to nominate (that didn’t ask for it) is a challenge in itself. I am happy to assign myself challenges but passing the baton can be difficult. There are so many great blogs out there I have to not nominate A lot……..not because I don’t enjoy them – I do, enormously, some people don’t like awards or nomination so I have tried (where possible, apologies if I failed) TO NOT NOMINATE ANY OF THEM.

So here is my Day 6 post.Both images shot same morning at the Duck Pond, locally about 5 – 10 minutes apart. I took these about a year ago, I don’t think I have a sunrise as good since 😦



I am taking a leave out of our friend Marilyn and I am not going to nominate anyone else………please if you love nature and landscape photography, consider yourself invited!



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