Cover Make Over – Week 6 Wrap up

Last week, we did a cover for the slightly controversial movie, What Dreams May come. Some had strong feelings about the movie and message. I think the big takeaway from this movie is Don’t give up.

Embeecee from Sparksofacombustiblemind joined us this week with her wonderful cover art and heartfelt comments on depressions and suicide. This movie back then, as it does now covers some disturbing and troubling issues, and even though not everyone agrees with the topic matter, at least getting the discussion going can only be a good thing, right? The painting, the colours and the tree are so important to this movies, I love that they have been added here, and the city of light with the rainbow is a wonderful addition.


Next is Trev from SillyoldSod, even Trev admits it is a tear jerker (I love it when a guy can admit that 🙂 ). His portrayal of Hell is epic, like in the movie itself.


Sarah from First Night Design  took a more earthly approach by featuring landscapes.

I have used a design I’m still creating as the backdrop in a bid to show the landscapes of the film. The title font and strap line is in Seravek ExtraLight while the star’s name is in Goudy Medieval Regular – perhaps a little too Gothic but I was running out of time.

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 6 What Dreams May Come
#photorehabcovermakeover Week 6 What Dreams May Come Original & vintage art © First Night Design []
Here is my version, I guess the takeaway from this is that this movie has brought forward a darker, moodier art from everyone involved. It is a dark subject matter. Most of us do not like to dwell on death, alas it is inevitable and I guess when we all face it head on, it is something we can and will have to deal with one day. I watched the movie again recently and felt that perhaps my image does not convey some of the joy, which this movie holds…, family and friendship.


Thank you to everyone who joined in……I promise next cover to do something more joyful and happy, but still a touch fanciful.