Still Life Project

Week 14 Nature Walk

So last week I mentioned about my Still Life Project taking a new direction with my online course with Kim Klassen. I showed a few of the examples from various challenge (or assignments) from this course. I am steaming ahead, but at the same time, slowing down and really working with each of these ideas (it makes sense in my head). Β Even though I am jumping around a little; some things take time to acquire props, or to schedule time to create properly.

So, moving on…one of the tasks, challenges or assignments (what ever you wish to call it), is Week 13 – Write a Post; “What is your perfect day”. Also write about what is my goal for Still Life, what is MY concept, and to highlight what I think I have achieved so far.

Week 6 – Props

I will start with the last one and work my way backward. I have achieved a lot in my Still Life study, I will continue it, as I really have enjoyed it. I have learned to focus on simple things and the breathe, take time and not rush so much. I have re learned meditation (of sorts) not the yoga pose and chanting, but my sit in a quiet spot in the garden and commune with nature, my pets, mySELF. Just 10-15 minutes a day to just BE. Common everyday things can bring a sense of joy and wonder, material possessions are just that, we don’t NEED most of them, we buy things usually to fill some void in our life. I have been on a Life journey for the past 18 months and things I thought I needed way back then I do not. My house isn’t the most glamorous or beautiful, but it is safe and warm and is ME. My job is not great, but it allows me to do the things I love, so until something changes, it’s OK. My camera is not the latest and greatest, but it is me and not my tools, that allow me to create the wonderful images I create. My family are not perfect, but they are perfect for me, they are mine and I love them, just the way they are (well mostly). I have learnt about light and shadow, and shape and form. Soft light, harsh light, I have learnt to concentrate and breathe before I take a shot, and to remind myself, that not every single shot will be perfect. It is the journey, not the destination….as long as I am truly happy, relaxed and in the moment, creativity will come, the art will follow.

Week 14 – Nature Walk 1

What is my goal, what is my concept? This is harder to verbalise. I want to create a Ying to my Yang (as I have said before), quite often my digital art is dark and moody, but this doesn’t reflect who I am. I am simple, a little bit country, soft, feminine, light and bubbly, happy person. My life is simple (if not hectic) and I am surrounded by beauty and nature and I want to record this is a soft beautiful way. Still life can also be dark, moody and romantic as well.



That then brings me to What is my perfect day,Β I had one day of pure Bliss a few years ago, it so wonderful I can recall it any time I like……I honestly think it was the most perfect day. Usually my normal (everyday) perfect day is either sleeping in and just pottering around the house, doing a shoot (something I really like, babies or still life), going out to lunch with Hubby or friends, perhaps exploring some wonderful new spot I have never been to, walks (or shoots) on the beach, sunsets, dinner with friends etc, the usual for a lot of people I am sure.

My Perfect Day

We were on holiday in tropical Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, we woke with sun streaming in through the windows, but continued to doze; snuggled comfortably in our Hotel bed………no kids, no animals to annoy us. A leisurely breakfast in bed was brought to our room, hubby briefly got our from under the covers to get the door. After breakfast, we went for a morning swim and then we walked down to the esplanade and spent several hours combing through things strange, artistic and exotic at the local Sunday Craft Market. We followed this by a long leisurely lunch at a open street cafe, watching the people up and down the main street, the craft market still going at the end of the street. After visiting some of the shops for trinkets and souvenirs we had a relaxing and rejuvenating couples massage, feeling refreshed we walked back to our hotel room and had another quick swim in our virtually secluded and empty pool. Showered, dressed and walked to the mariner for a sunset cruise along the Great Barrier Reef, we had some wonderful canapes and champagne while we watched the most amazing sunset I think I have ever seen, sun on my face, gentle breeze in my hair sitting on the deck of this wonderful catamaran, with my soul mate’s arms around me. No words, no sounds, apart from the lapping waves and occasionally bird call.This was followed by a quiet dinner and drinks at the wharf, a moonlit walk on the beach and then back to the hotel. I have never been so relaxed and refreshed as I was that day, and anytime I need to recall my Happy Place – this is it! The Photos are not brilliant, but the memories are.

What is (or was) your most perfect day?