Manic Mondays

Just when I think I am getting my life back on track, scheduled and calm… runs slightly off the rails again. It’s OK, it’s all good, just trying to cram so much into life, occasionally something has to give. Next weekend is our big camping trip………yeah, yeah, camping (even the word is ugly lol). We were going to rough it for one night and sleep in the car, Moth convinced me we needed a tent, and then of course something to sleep on (I put my foot down and got a THICK air mattress), then of course our sleeping bags are old and useless, so there was two new sleeping bags. Then of course the powered pump to blow it up. We already have our camping chairs (for our astro shoots) and of course the big car fridge, so we are somewhere near ready. Then there is all the other incidentals; thermal under garments, I need a new coat (it is over 30 years old and threadbare and falling apart – so it has done me well). Got new boots last year, so they are good. We have no lamps, nothing to cook on or with (not sure what to do there, live on vodka, chips, dips, kabana and cheese – we do have the fridge).

So it was a frantic last minute dash to get everything organised, plus we had arranged to meet friends for a tour of the Botanic Gardens and another couple for dinner on Saturday evening. Sunday was spent rehearsing putting up tent and camp bed, making sure everything would pack into the car. Now of course that we have all this gear, Moth is planning on doing more glamping……..oops I mean camping.

Not to mention I am running behind on Be Still 52, Awake and Open2Study………really need to put my foot down this week and get some work done.

Oh and pray to the weather Gods, for phenomenal weather this weekend! For I can get more sunsets (like above) and sunrises