Contemplation – Week 8

Every week Desley posts a prompt from her KikkiK journal, this week almost seems to continue on from last week’s friend theme in a way.

This week’s prompt:Β Who do you want to talk to right now?

There is the obvious I guess for most girls, their Mum…… Mum and I don’t really ‘chat’ much, we talk, but never really chat…….if that makes any sense. I usually chat to my friends. But I thought I’d do this slightly differently. Who would I talk to, that I normally couldn’t? Dead or alive.

I once wrote a post about sitting down with Billy ConnollyΒ and it still stands, an amazing man. There are many other’s that I think would fascinating to sit down with. George Lucas, Robin Williams (RIP), Keanu Reeves, Barack Obama…..I mean think about it, there are a lot of people who would have lead amazing lives and have many interesting stories to tell, not necessarily people I would want to befriend; but it could possibly be a very interesting few hours.

Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Stephen Fry, Nathan Fillon, JK Rowling…..I mean sit down and think about it, the list just keeps growing, and many of them are still alive!

If any of them accept my next dinner invite….I’ll let you know.