Contemplation – Week 9

Every week Desley takes us on a journey of exploration, mainly of ourselves. A different post from her KikkiK Journal, usually has us opening up about that weeks topic and sharing a little (Sometimes a LOT) about our selves. Usually makes for some interesting reading from fellow bloggers.

This week’s prompt: What’s your favourite topic of conversation.

Desley wrote hers was photography and that she is enjoying her new found photography buddies (some are my lot hehehe) and is discovering areas around Melbourne and getting to discuss all things photographic with them and safe her friends the torture.

I can completely relate, I drive everyone to distraction with my talk of everything photographic, as well as all our adventures. I am lucky, my Hubby partakes in this crazy, all consuming hubby and we will happily talk about things we want to try, places we want to visit for hours while we travel, explore and find fascinating places to shoot. We have been lucky to find so many friends and Tog groups we can go and shoot and explore with, Social Media can be a blessing and a curse, but we have been lucky.

I am quite convinced all our family and friends think we are both having a mid life crisis……..and maybe we are, we don’t care. We have never had so much fun. Even our children have given up, we just let them know what days the animals need feeding!

I guess my other favourite topic, is my children. This one my Mum friends can cope with. I am immensely proud of both my girls and my son in law. I don’t like to mention them too much on my blog, as well, it’s about me not them.