Manic Mondays

I survived! Yes people I’m back after a few days completely off the grid, no internet, no mobile phones, just me, Moth, 20 Tog friends and Betty Boo (our AWD). We took Friday off and drove up through the Victorian Alpine National Forest for a few days camping……..yes camping. I will need a few days to go through all the pictures and tell you all about it.

We stayed at two very remote cattlemen’s huts, one in the valley and one in the high country near Mount Stirling. We shot sunset, sunrise and by a full moon, we froze, took the car on some real 4X4 tracks and cooked on a open fire (and gas stove). Had breakfast with kookaburras and even saw a bridal shoot on top of a Mountain, who took the easy route and caught a helicopter up there! More stories to come.

It was quite an experience of which I will fill you all in shortly. For now I need to finish unpacking, going through photos and sleeping! Here is a gallery of photos from my phone.

Here’s hoping you all have a great week, til next time happy snapping…