Autumn Wanderings – Healesville Sanctuary Pt 2

Last week I did a post on our trip to Healesville Sanctuary, and posted mainly the Australian Animals. One of the highlights of this sanctuary is the birds of prey, Spirits of The Sky show, it is fabulous for any age, photographer or not. There were other, smaller predators, but they were so quick I either got blurry images or air 😦

Black Breasted Buzzard

This guy is so cool, he uses a rock to break open emu eggs (Which are extremely hard), to get his dinner.

This is a Barn Owl

Wedgetail Eagle (Aquila audax)

This has to be the coolest dude in the show, his latin name translates toΒ Audacious Eagle, and he is………………sorry my American Friends, but our eagle is far superior, to your Bald Eagle.

  1. It is a proper Raptor eagle and not a Sea Eagle
  2. It is the largest confirmed eagle,Β a female was confirmed as having a wingspan of 284 cm ( 9 ft 4 in, ) Biggest Bald Eagle? Maybe 230 cm (7 ft 5″).
  3. It puts on unbelievably awesome aerial combat shows, including taking out hang gliders and para gliders!

We are oddly proud in Australia, that virtually any native animal, bird, mammal and insect, has the ability to be deadly to humans, even some of our sea-life are deadly. And don’t be fooled by how cute they are, we breed them tough here in Australia………just sayin’.

Til next time, safe travels, and happy snapping…