Daily Post – Solitude

I don’t often write a Daily Post anymore, but every now and again I go look at the topic and decide if I feeling like writing one, today I obviously did.


I rarely get solitude these days, I have been a wife and mother for 25 years, and peace and quiet and solitude is a rare and priceless commodity, as I am sure any Mother will tell you. At work I am often surrounded by people, at home there is always somebody around, even in my 15-20 minutes Zen time with a coffee after work on the back deck in the late afternoon sun, I am frequently not alone. My Dogs (and often the cats) follow me everywhere I go, even when I am in the studio creating I often have someone with me; cat, dog, daughter, friend.

I recently spent a night on top of a mountain, it truly is an experience, you should try it. I watched the sunrise on that mountain and in that cold frigid air I saw glimpses of true beauty, the solitude, the wilderness; I felt at peace. I was not alone on that mountain, but I found myself in my own bubble of solitude in the quiet, I guess everyone else felt the same, few spoke and when they did it was in quiet hushed tones; or maybe I just didn’t notice them. Once over, everyone reverted to the noisy humdrum of a groups of friends. I still stood there admiring the view, it was amazing, wanting that feeling of inner peace to last just a bit longer. These moments feed my soul and make me feel alive.

I remember in my late teens or early adulthood, I hated being alone, now I cherish the few rare times when I am truly alone. Sometimes I sit on my PC with my headphones on, working and listening to music………that is as close as I can usually manage towards solitude. My art, allows me to completely absorb myself and feel a sense of that calm and inner peace.