WPC – Admiration

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Admiration, and must admit after spending one weekend in Victoria’s Alpine Region I have a lot of admiration for the hardy men and women who forged this land. The Cattlemen (and Women) of the Victorian High Country led such rugged, harsh and lonely lives. True the grandeur of the area is undeniable, but I was there with clear skies and cold nights; no snow, no rain or storms and certainly no bush fires, which are known to ravage these lands.

Craigs Hut

This is Craig’s Hut, it is a replica built for the movie The Man From Snowy River, it is still fairly accurate in it’s construction (This is the fourth rebuild,  mostly lost to bush fires).

And this is Fry’s Hut built in the 1930’s and is the only remaining original bush hut in the high country.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…



13 thoughts on “WPC – Admiration

  1. As I sit in my warm house and drink my Starbucks coffee, I can’t imagine what their lives must have been like! Stunning shots. I loved the Man From Snowy River when I was younger. I even had the cassette tape of the soundtrack 🙂

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