Daily Post – Blank Voids of a Future Self

Have you ever had that feeling you are right on the verge of something happening, something exciting, momentous and possibly even earth shaking? You can feel it crackle in the air like electricity; but you just don’t know what, when or where? If you look into the future and all you can see is a blank void, you can touch the precipice with your toes, but cannot feel it with your fingers. The excitement builds within, you feel like you cannot sit or stand still, your fingers itch to do something, anything; but you must be patient, you must calm yourself.

I wrote a post the other week that exciting things were happening, but it is again building to a crescendo, I can feel it……..or am I just imagining it? My mind is a hive of activity with thoughts, dreams, and projects…….sleeping is sometimes difficult, not from worry or stress but from excitement. Remember as a child the night before your birthday or Christmas……….THAT excitement? That is what I feel literally running through my veins………I don’t even know WHAT it is that is about to happen.

Maybe I am still on a high (non-drug induced) from recent events, maybe it is the excitement of future projects, which are just starting to come together, there are plans for so many things in the future, but I have just recently come out of a fog where I briefly burnt out, lost my mojo. Am I flaunting Icarus and daring to fly to close to the sun? Will I strive for greatness only to lose my mojo again? I cannot think that way, a self fulfilling prophecy; I think therefore I am……turns into, I worry I cannot create therefore I can’t. Over thinking things can be dangerous, turning molehills into mountains as the saying goes. Again I must calm my mind.

As a child, my school teachers told my Mother I was an excitable child; creative and imaginative, but sometimes over excitable……possibly nothing has changed? I find it hard to concentrate on just one thing, I want to work on so many projects at once, I must pick one and concentrate. Other projects, which are out of my control, seem to be taking forever, but I know in reality they are not. Perhaps I am just willing something to happen……something that is not even there yet? Perhaps I am just babbling as a way to calm my nerves and still my mind. I must think positively and without doubts……..I will keep you updated.



Contemplation – Week 11

LavenderAfter a short Break Desley is back for Week 11 of Contemplation

So on to this week’s prompt: What’s the next book you’re going to read?

Honestly, some days it’s like she is pulling thoughts out of my brain! Read? Oh my yes, boy did I read, we had a whole room as a library, with so, so many books. Even my kids and hubby were readers…………what happened? That’s a damn good question. We all used to read, then I guess my kids were going through Secondary School and University and spent all their time studying and reading for study, and never really read just for fun.

We went 21st Century a few years back and got E-Books, which we could load our entire library digitally…..we sold, gave away most of our physical books and converted the library into a PC room. E-Books certainly made things easier in many ways. My first E-Reader/Book died from overuse (I am sure) and I purchased a new Kobo Reader about 2 years ago……….it is so small, convenient and easy to use, I can make the font size as big as I like and it is even back lit for reading in bed; but I don’t.

I read manuals for work, I read (or is that skim?) 100’s of email weekly (Sometimes daily), also for work. I read zillions of blog posts, I devour online tutorials, but I never just read anymore. I guess I spend all day on a computer, then I get home and am often on a computer creating art or playing with photos. On weekends we are out shooting, attending workshops (or running them), I guess when I do get some down time, it is easier to just plonk down in front of the TV. It’s pathetic I know, but as Desley said sometimes it’s just easier to get it spoon fed to your brain via the Tube. I’m guilty of Netflix, online and various ‘other’ ways of getting TV too. Some days all I want to do is nothing…….which inevitably means watching TV. Even when I had a cold last week, I could have curled up with a book, but NO, I watched movie after movie on TV.

But back to the question at hand, I have no idea what to read next. I have read everything I own, I have no ‘to read’ pile. Perhaps this is my problem? I have several favourite authors, none of which have released anything new. There is nothing which has caught my fancy, no new authors. I read fantasy stuff, that is ALL I read. No Biographies, no non-fiction, just fantasy as an escape. I guess maybe that is another reason…..I don’t WANT to escape my life at the moment. I am having the time of my life and my art and my photography is my escape. I create my own worlds with my digital art. I am making up my own stories. Perhaps someday, I will sit in my Zen corner with a new book, but for today I am actually much happier to sit in my Zen corner with a cup of coffee and absorb life, watching the fall of light, the birds and bugs and lizards and frogs and fish in my garden………enjoy the company of friends, family and animals….and make pretty pictures.


Tuesday’s Textures

While setting up for a Studio Workshop, I had a little bit of time to play (well I did need to test the lighting didn’t I? This is also a piece for Kim Klassen’s BeStill_52 workshop sessions #34; On Spoons.I got my inspiration from an image I found on Instagram, so soft, yet strong & vibrant. And how good is this frame? I love it, picked it up from another blog Ryan Photography, thanks for the Freebie! Oh the spoon? It is an antique, one of my daughter’s inherited this from my Grandmother when she got married, it just happens to live with me, along with the rest of the set.

On Spoons

Blueberries on Antique Spoon

Til next time, happy snapping…



Monday Musings

It has been such an exciting week, starting with the Studio Workshop I attended last weekend, networking with some fabulous people has put me in a collaboration with some wonderful artists for future projects (ssh). We have been brainstorming and working on ideas for future shoots. It will take some time to get each idea to fruition as they as quite complex, but I will fill you in on more details, as it approaches….but it is VERY exciting.

I also ran my first Still Life / Product Photography workshop, which was loads of fun, I think we all learnt something, maybe even a lot. I got to try my hand at a few concepts I had wanted to set up, just for fun. Once everyone got a handle of a few basic concepts, they were so creative! Can’t wait for the next one……..in the new studio after the renovation.


Which of course leads me into the reno. We are still trying to empty everything out, sort through things and find places to store it all, while still running shoots, I have one more day of shooting, then it all comes down. I will be studio-less for about a week, and then I have to put everything back in! I think there will be a cull in there as well, especially all my old Folk Art (Painting) stuff…….I never really paint these days, but I don’t want to throw it all out, so it will get sorted and packed away out of site. I can then arrange all my still life items where they are safe, but accessible, at the moment it is all just stuffed where ever, all such a mess! I can’t wait to have it all finished.

Can you beleive in 2 days it will officially be Winter here in Australia? This year has been so much fun, and it is almost halfway through already. The wet and cold of Winter won’t hold me back; perhaps we won’t do any camping, but there are still lots of planned weekends away. My networking this year is really starting to pay off with invites to all sorts of events, workshops and weekends away are coming out of the wood work. I have been so lucky to work with some talented & giving people.I am truly excited about each and every weekend…….there is always something to look forward too.

Here’s hoping you all have a brilliant week ahead and happy snapping…



I have to say it’s so nice when people write such lovely things about you! XO Suzanne…..lovely to host you all in my studio today!

Until today I had never considered that my little hobby of photography was more than just a little hobby. But today I was introduced to something completely new and I felt as though I was creating so much more than ‘just a photo’. Today I truly felt as though I was creating art. I was […]

via Creating art — A photo a day for 365 days………and beyond

Weekly Photo Challenge – Spare

I was looking through my archives to find something that said Spare for this week’s WPC, I kept coming back to sparse and it’s many variations. Particularly these two images, both taken at Aireys Inlet in Victoria (AUS). There was not a soul in sight, despite the evidence of foot prints in the sand. Such a sweeping vista with the sand the sky and the clouds sweeping past. And then I found this one perfect shell nestled in the sand……I  didn’t touch it, just took this photo.

SpareSpare 2

Til next time, happy snapping…


Daily Post – Countless

Today’s Prompt is Countless………..where to start?

  • There have been countless times in my life where that question has been foremost in my mind and in days gone by I have just simply given up on the harder, complex tasks, as I simply did not know where to begin.
  • Countless times I have shrugged my shoulders in apathy and not helped when I could have; it was not my problem.
  • Countless days where I have put things off til tomorrow, knowing tomorrow never really comes……..because I had plenty of time.
  • Countless times where I was selfish, and times when I was not selfish enough.
  • Countless times where I should have seized the day or simply told someone how much they meant to me

All because I thought I had countless days to achieve; then the reality of my own mortality came crashing down on me and I nearly had it all snatched away from me, I was lucky it was just a wake up call. Now I seize each and everyday as a new adventure, you never know how many more adventures there are to come. Every person in my life knows exactly how I feel and telling my children that I love them is a daily occurrence (Even when I get mad). I try to help others when I can, even if that means working for nothing, offering some advice or sometimes just listening and being there………it might not sound a lot but to some it is everything. I try not to put anything off, even something boring like cleaning out the garage or getting the car serviced; just do it. Once it is done you can mark it off your list, each and every time you get something done, it makes the list smaller and feel more manageable. And if, like the garage, it seems an overwhelming task, start small, pick one spot and start there, then move onto another spot, eventually it all gets done. Ask a friend to help, sure it might be boring, but at least you can chat and have a laugh……….perhaps you can help them with their project too.

Then there are the times when I need to be less selfish as a person, I think we are all a little guilty of that. I am not a bad person and I bet you are not either, it’s just that sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little world, we don’t see others on the outside of our bubble. I still suffer from this, but I try to see the bigger picture. I have met so many people over the last 2 years and I try to be friendly and non judgemental (good lord some people make it difficult). I try to be open and communicative and thoughtful of their needs, as opposed to doing what seems best for me, my family and friends. I am not applying for good samaritan of the year here, just trying to offer value within my own community. To be honest, sometimes it just feels good to do something for someone else.

Lastly, I try to be only as selfish as I need to be, sounds silly? As a Mum and Wife I have spent 25 years doing everything for them and rarely for myself. So now I take a little bit of time each day, just for me, sometimes a day or two here and there, just for me. A quiet coffee in the morning without interruptions, a day spent just playing in the studio (heaven). I still do most of the cooking, the cleaning, shopping etc. But I need time just to BE. That took me a long time to figure out. Ask any Mum…….it’s hard to put yourself first and then after years, it becomes a habit.

So be bold, be brave, love and enjoy life………it’s a journey and no one gets out alive anyway!


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Open Topic

I missed last week’s challenge, as I was sick, plus I have been very busy with various projects and shoots. But I took a few minutes out just for me and did some still life. So here is my Open Topic for this week’s CBWC.

This is a Lilly cut straight from my garden, I have dozens of these currently in bloom in the frog pond out the back, so soft and delicate, but very hardy.DSC_6982-Edit

I went for minimalist and lots of negative space, I did a Black background version for my 52 Week challenge as well.

Til next time, happy snapping…


52 Week Challenge – Week 21

The theme for this week’s 52 Week Challenge was yellow. I should have been able to find lots of yellow things for this challenge, it’s Autumn, but there are yellow flowers and lot’s of other ‘things’. However I was looking up with the wind gently rustling the dried leaves on the tree, occasionally blowing them off and the afternoon sun was streaming through, it felt so warm and sunny. It felt yellow.


ISO 100, 20mm, F/5.6, 1/1000 second

While not technically great and completely over exposed, there is something I really like about this shot, warm and comforting. Let’s face it can’t have brilliance every week, sometimes you just have to ‘feel’ it.

Til next time, I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and happy snapping…