Monday Musings

Welcome to May! I thought I might mix things up a bit, I really haven’t been completely Manic for a little while now, so I though I’d change the title to Monday Musing; which is really more what it is anyway.

I spent most of last week trying to edit all the photos from our trip away, will have some pictures and posts this week. I am slowly getting betting at dumping complete loses plus I don’t tend to take 1000’s of photos like I used to. I actually made a concerted effort to create a few panoramas as well, something I usually forget to do.

The other day I wrote a post about Solitude and that I really don’t get that much time to myself, and then on Saturday I got a whole three hours to myself in the car, it was rather strange, but in the end I had fun, I could listen to whatever I wanted on the stereo (no complaints), no back seat driver, and it give me a bit of time to just think; especially on the ride home. So, where did I go? I did a Conceptual Art Workshop with Nathan Milner.


So what is Conceptual Art? Good question, it’s photography based around an idea, kind of like my Mask Series that I am working on. This one was something Nathan has been working on about a woman trying to find something and then giving up. It might sound a bit strange, but look at the image, I mean really look………apart from looking like a scene out of a horror movie, how does it make you feel? Will post a few shots soon.

Spent yesterday taking Moth clothes shopping, now that is horror movie, why is it so hard for men to find clothes they like, that are comfortable, and WE will let them wear? lol. He spends most of his time in hi-vis work wear. I know it’s sensible for work, but not to got out, argghh!

The weather has finally turned cold and I know Autumn is really here, Winter is just around the corner. It’s always the way with an Indian Summer, it makes for a very short Autumn and frequently cold Winter. In fact we had a rare thunderstorm here Saturday night and areas around here are still cleaning up the mess. I’m not sure how places like Sydney and Brisbane and further north handle the severe tropical storms they get all the time; beautiful sure……but the damage.

Will hopefully spend this week catching up on a few projects and then we are away again for the weekend, hopefully chasing some clear night skies. A group of us (mostly same group from the Alpine High Country trip), will be looking for comets and shooting stars, next weekend shooting stars will be at their most prolific as the earth passes through the tail of Haleys Comet. Here’s praying for clear skies.

That’s it for now, til next time I hope you have a great week……