One Four Challenge – May Week 1

It’s Back, it’s back Robyn’s One Four Challenge, mind you in saying that some of us have been continuing on Flickr, it’s just on the blog it is now only every few month; but still it’s back on WP for May. If you would like to check out what’s been happening on Flickr you can check out my Album here.

I wasn’t sure what to do for this morning, but I took some images last weekend that I really wanted to do something with. I have started off slowly for the first post. I cropped it, increased the clarity and added a new Pre-set titled Chocolate Shadows; I wanted to give it a air of desperation, arid harshness, the mere puddle of water behind the dead tree and ravaged cracked earth.


This is Lake Eildon, completely bone dry, nothing depicts the draught we are going through more than an image like this.


Original Image – SOOC

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…



20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – May Week 1

  1. Great subject Julie and I really like your first edition.
    Looking forward to week 2 as well.
    Must’ve been great to be standing there to see that view, albeit because of terrible drought. Wishing you some rain soon!

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  2. Oh the drought is terrible. Do you live in California, too? I like how you straightened up the image, makes a real difference and your crop is great. Those mud cracks tell quite a story. Looking forward to your posts each week this month.

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