Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Pets

Cee’s challenge this week is Pets, it links in with my ContemplationΒ Post for this week, but perhaps on a happier note.

I love animals, the quirky, the funny, the strange………..but not so much the creepy (Sorry but spiders, stick insects, and bugs in general are not welcome in my home, also hermit crabs, they creep me out too!). I have turtles, fish, cats and dogs, I don’t own snakes or lizards, however I do have birds, frogs and lizards in the garden on occasion.These are my Fur Babies, they are all approx the same age, on 8 months between the youngest and oldest.They all play together, often sleep together and all fight like siblings, especially Chloe and Zorro, they are the worst (yes cat and dog), and it’s not a breed thing it’s a personality thing. Zorro annoys everyone and Chloe gets fed up and chases him around the house, she never beats up the other cat or dog. Zorro also likes the hit (well tap) Chloe when she’s asleep, which makes her mad and it starts all over again. The cats sometimes fight with each other, usually started by Zorro, but the dogs never seem to fight. I have been told 2 male cats is never a good idea (but they have both been fixed).

I am so glad I can take lovely images like these of my current fur babies, photos I have of previous loved ones are often quite horrible.

Til next time, hug your pets, spare a thought for those that are sick or injured (and their owners) and take lots of gorgeous pictures