Cover Make Over – Week 9 Wrap Up

Sorry this post is so late, have been having problems with WP? Anyone else finding things won’t load properly? Anyway….another Cover Make Over with Supertramp’s Breakfast in America album. I perhaps went a little simplistic, but I really wanted to play around with this old style advertising stuff. Unfortunately, unless I have missed them, this week is only me and Trev.

Breakfast in America

Trev from SillyOldSod brings us this truly unique Cover…………the waitress is so perfectly posed and the font is brilliant. Very cool and creative idea for this week, don’t you think?

I’ve kept my makeover of the album quite simple this week. The gateway to America ‘The Statue of Liberty’ has been changed and I’ve added a waitress complete with drinks tray in position of Lady Liberty. I’ve used the same backdrop of New York that I used in last weeks makeover and added a fried egg with a radial colour stripe as the rising sun. I’ve tried to make the overall picture appear to be breakfast time.


As much I as I am sure Trev won’t be happy, perhaps it is time to indeed retire this blogging challenge; at least have a break for a few weeks? Does anyone out there have an opinion, or even a request?