Daily Post – Beach


Today’s post is Beach, as I sit here pondering the meaning of beach I look out the window, it’s actually quite sunny and clear, perhaps even warm for this late in Autumn, we have spent the last few days quite cold….I thought Winter was on it’s way. But we are getting small reprieve.

Not exactly beach weather or is it? I don’t like to go to the beach when it’s hot, too many people and well, it’s hot. Sand burning your feet is not pleasant. But warmish, sunny days are great for scouring rock pools, or just sitting and watching the waves crash.Cloudy days are even more perfect for it, watching the clouds scudding across the sky, and the swaying grass in the sand dunes. The feel of the breeze and sun on my skin, the salt tang in the air and screech of gulls in the sky and crashing of waves.DSC_2934-Edit

I love the beach, it calls to me, it sings to me, alas I am heading inland this weekend and will see no sign of the sea nor a beach. Often I wish I lived near a beach, then I could sit and photograph all the time, now wouldn’t that be heaven?

Hope you all have a great weekend………safe travels and happy snapping,