One Photo Focus – May 2016

Stacy Fisher from Visual VenturingΒ host this wonderful challenge every month, we are all offered up the same image and we all get to play around with it and there are some truly imaginative people in this group…..head over to Stacy’s page to check them out.

This month we are using one of my images again, taken down on Sorrento Back Beach a few months ago. It’s an OK Photo, but nothing too exciting…

Julie Powell_ May_1PF_Original
Original Image

So I took my image into Nik Analog……..I really adore this program, I gave it so many different treatments, I threw pretty much everything at it, wetplates, dust & Scratches, vignettes, frames, light leaks, focus blur………the lot. It gives it an old photo look, more in style with the age of this old building. Then I dropped the saturation right down.

Julie Powell_ May_1PF
Version 1
Julie Powell_May 2016 One Photo Focus
Version 2 – Twirl

And then just because it is a fun fad at the moment I gave it the Twirl Treatment!

Well til next time, happy snapping……..of if you follow the Twirl link there is instructions on how to to it, I know I have already got a few people hooked!