Monday Musings


Just spent another wonderful weekend away with my Photography Group, Moth and I drove up early morning to spend a few hours at Kryal Castle, just outside Ballarat Victoria, then we met up with the group in Snake Valley (45 minutes past Ballarat), for what we hoped would be a night of fun laughs and astro photography…….the fun and laughs we had plenty, but the clouds closed in and there was still lots of light pollution, so it was slim pickings. Although we did have a lot of fun with torches, glow sticks and sparklers.


Kryal Castle was loads of fun, we spent a pleasant few hours wandering the grounds in the Autumn Sunshine, then had lunch and watched the jousting. There was the Knights of the Round Table, a Throne Room, a torture chamber and dungeon, as well as Dragons and Wizards. It is aimed more for the kids, but we are such big kids at heart, especially with fantasy stuff.

Sunday (Mother’s Day) Dawned so cold, wet and miserable we decided against any other day trips and decided to head straight home (with a stop off at Mum’s for Mother’s Day, of course). The beds we slept in the night before, were most uncomfortable, in fact I thought the Medieval Torture racks from Kryal Castle would have been better! So no real sleep; we after we finally got home, unloaded the car, greeted and cuddled the animals, we both settled in for a afternoon siesta. Managed to briefly go through a few pics, and then an early night.

Now quite tired and will take a few days to recover and go through all the picks………will do a post for each event soon. Til then, here is just a couple of pics.