Tuesday’s Textures – Still Life

While doing my Kim Klassen BeStill_52 classes, I have been creating some wonderful Still Life images, ones that I am quite proud of and really enjoyed the process of creating them. Setting up a still life shoot is almost meditative, there are no real time constraints, and if doing in the studio I can set up with lights etc and work whenever I want to. It’s quite liberating and according to Kim; it’s supposed to be. Kim had a IG account for Tuesday’s Textures for last year, but I thought I would ‘borrow’ it for my post. So here are a few more;

Week 32- Backdrops

Create a simple set up and then place your camera on a tripod and take the same image multiple times, but with a different backdrop to in essence change the mood. They have all been processed the same way, same ISO, same aperture etc. It’s actually quite interesting how the different backdrops change the mood of each shot.


Week 35 – What’s for breakfast

I moved half the living room furniture to get this shot, I placed a small wooden table in front of the window to get the morning light, then placed my oatmeal and orange juice, added a simple LR Preset and a simple texture as well. (PS the oatmeal was quite cold and lumpy by the time I had finished)……just coffee and toast for me that day lol.


Week 43 – In or On a Crate

This is just a matter of placing different props on or in a wooden crate. This is easy, as I already had the crate and already used it several times. I frequently use the same crate in my newborn and toddler shoots as well. The big thing, I guess with the next two pieces, is that I have incorporated some of my own Folk Art Paintings pieces.


A simple Welcome sign, which is a beginner piece I used to teach in my workshops with ribbon and daisies, a little birdhouse made with texture paint and an old metal jug I found and restored and painted with a Dutch Hindeloopen design, of course with some pretty peonies for the flowers, to soften it all out.DSC_6569-2

Til next time, happy snapping……..



8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Textures – Still Life

    • thanks Julie, I am too, so simple, so elegant and yet so easy, I am thrilled with them, they are not like my usual photography and therefore they are just for me. A little pretty in a hectic, busy life. I look at so many little things differently and think ohhh wouldn’t that look wonderful like this, or I really want to photograph this type of flower today. Or those fresh berries look some fresh and yummy, I want to photograph them before they get eaten!

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