Psychopath Vs Sociopath and the Masks we wear

So I have spent many months working on my Mask Series, there have been ups and downs and at times I truly wondered where it was heading. Is it finished? I doubt it, there are so many more human emotions and masks I have not covered off, some are multi-layered and cover a few different states. So what is Mask? It is the face we show the world, often hiding our true nature or feelings. It is not always bad, it is not always psychological, but there is sometimes an element of evil in the masks that people wear.

You know that feeling you get when someone stands just a bit too close, or just brushes you, or sometimes they simply walk into the same room; and all the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck stand on end? Or an uncontrollable shiver runs down your spine? Is that our inner voice or instinct telling us to guard ourselves? To put up our own Mask or that there is something not quite right happening. Whatever it is, it is real. Sometimes we do it for our own protection, or to ‘fit’ in………you really don’t like something, but it seems to be all the craze, so you do it anyway (like Peer pressure and smoking, wow I suffered with that one for years afterwards!)

Then there are the Sociopaths and Psychopaths, what’s the difference? Who is more dangerous, how do they get where they are…….perhaps you may know a few? They are not always physically dangerous, sometimes it’s the emotional damage and torture they inflict.

So, please take a moment to read Mask – Behind every mask is a face,
and behind that a story.