Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Distance

It was so lovely to be featured on Hugh’s wall this week, as well as some other terrific posts. This week’s Theme is Distance.I have been taking some many mid and macro shots lately, I have to go on the hunt for these……but not too far (get it, distance lol)

The first image is the bridge over the Lake at Bonnie Doon (in the distance), this whole area is a lake……..drought affected rural Victoria (AUS) at it’s Worst.


My Hubby (AKA Moth) modelling in a giants birds nest (why? Because I told him too!) at Warburton Giant Redwood Forest, VIC.DSC_5984

Looking across the Valley (in the distance)from Mount Donna Buang, VIC


Til next time, have a great week, safe travels and happy snapping…


7 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Distance

  1. That huge birds nest looks like something from a Monster movie. I hope it’s owner never showed itself?
    I never knew that Victoria had drought areas. I’m guessing the lake was once much bigger?
    Great photos for this week’s challenge, Julz. Thanks for participating.

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  2. Beautiful photographs Julie… you can see by your photograph how bad the drought is.. and I love the shot of you all sitting there gazing into the distance.


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