Conceptual Art – Inspiration

I sometimes wonder WHERE people get their inspiration from, especially for Concept shoots. I have had a few ideas, which transformed into something. But I often wonder how people get to where their image lands them? I have been looking at more Art from people like;

I have read a bit on some of my favourite artists and it’s funny they mostly admit to starting at as self portrait artist……..somewhere I really have no wish to go, well that’s not true, I have no courage to go is probably more apt. As I get older I am getting braver in some things, in others I just don’t give a damn what other people think, but I must confess to having a body image crisis when in front of the camera. It shows me as I really am, and not how I see myself. I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but who the hell is that fat old lady staring back at me in those images? So I must admit I am impressed and slightly in awe of these people who use themselves, as their own models.

I do get it though, if it’s your vision, it is easy for you to pose how you see it, you have complete control, that must be freeing. I have a few Facebook and Blogger friends who have recently done beautiful, tasteful, artistic self portraits in the nude! They said it was scary as hell, but fun and very liberating; I’m still not there yet, honestly I doubt I will ever be. These are not something that shows ‘bits’ or even faces, so I am not sure what scares me – silly I know. Hey I never claimed to be perfect lol.

Some days I battle my inner demons when it comes to creating art, I occasionally see something that sparks my creativity, like this dragon……..I knew I wanted, needed to create something with it, but it took a bit of trial and error before I found something that worked. But it was not a concept I had off the bat; it grew out of trial and error.


Somethings happen organically and others do not. I don’t think there are rules to how quickly or even how art happens (same with photographs). Each and everyone of us has a method we use, sometimes that method changes, evolves, or gets dumped completely in the light of something new; but they way we all get good is to practice.

Some people look at my art and say ‘wow, you have too much time on your hands’, but do I? Sure I have a full time job and do photography and art at night and on weekends, isn’t that what most people do? I have 4 animals and 2 grown kids, as well as a house to run, so do many other people. So why can I sit and create? Why don’t others?

It’s something that is discussed in my Artistry Class, making excuses….I don’t make excuses for not creating, I just do. That’s it….I do. Sounds simple and it is. The more you practice, the quicker you get, so one little thing that may take others 1 hour I might do in 10 minutes………so imagine how much I can do in 1 hour! Look it doesn’t happen over night, and it’s frustrating and often I feel like giving up, sometimes I just say the hell with it and become a couch potato for the evening. Other times I am so obsessed and engrossed in what I am working on that I begrudge feeding the animals (Or ourselves), even my daily job gets in the way.The funny things is, that sometimes I have to force myself to step away, come back the next day and see all the little mistakes I couldn’t see the day before.

Having a supportive husband and family helps, they know I want at least 1-2 hours after work, just to create, play, practice, do a workshop, read or watch a tutorial. That’s my Me time, sure I often do it with an animal in my lap, or sometimes chatting to a friend on Messenger (I try to avoid that as I usually lose track of the conversation or what I am doing and getting unstuck lol). My daughters know when I am really engrossed and will cook and feed me, that way I don’t have to stop for long. My Hubby will ask if I am playing tonight or just fancy some down time (That’s usually my cue he needs some US time :-). )

But where do I find my inspiration? How do I create my Concept Shots (or Digital Art), usually from surfing the web, checking out artists, like the ones listed above, sometimes I have a new photo, texture that gives me ideas and sometimes I wake at 2am with an idea like a thunderbolt through my brain! Cliche but true, I need to get up and write about it in my journal. Sometimes I have a vague idea of what to shoot, but I need to find the WHERE; like Midnight Madness…..I still love this shot.

Midnight Madness

Others I ‘stumble on’ by moving things around, changing lighting, backdrops etc. Like Angel………as soon as I took the shot, I knew I had something!


Well that’s enough of me rambling, til next time….practice, practice, practice and happy snapping, creating and travels……..whatever you do, be happy…