Monday’s Musings

Spent a few days last week off sick with a head cold, but a few days of rest and I was back on my feet in no time……… way was I missing out on my Shoot on Saturday. Two fabulous and stunning models; Rachelle James and Jess Ami, hair and Mark-up by Dee Harding. I went looking for glam, sexy, art deco type horror………..the make-up, the sets, the smoke machine. I had a blast!


Will post more photos soon……I promise. Meanwhile I am working towards a few more of my own projects, plus we have decided that the studio needs it’s own make over, so we are slowly clearing out all the junk for a bit of a reno in there. More on that soon too.

Before the studio is completely dismantled I am hosting a workshop next week, on Still Life and Product Shots. Nothing in the realm of Kim Klassen (and it’s free), but you gotta start somewhere.

Anyway I hope everyone has a great week, til next time…