One Four Challenge – Week 4

Week 4 for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. So I revisited the image I posted last week and keeping the foreground and sky (and raven), I added the main Bridge from Bonnie Doon (same location as the dry lake bed was shot) and added that to the side,as well as more clouds and the Colby Files dancer which I added angel wings, it kind of reminded me of a rain dance…….so that’s what I called it; Rain Dance

Rain Dance_Small

So much more creative than what I started with in week 1, don’t you think?

Time Stands Still

Week 3

Desert Rose

Week 2


Week 1


Original Image

I think we go on break again after this month for WP, but don’t forget you can still continue on Flickr.


11 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 4

  1. Well Julz – so awesome!! You really warmed up this month. I actually like all of your edits, starting with realism and ending with a story of our own choosing. Very inspiring and I must say with week 4, you really excelled! Love those soft deserty tones too. I could keep rambling and seeing more 😃 Hope you really enjoyed yourself!

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