Tuesday’s Textures

So I have recently had a little bit of Play time and have been out in the studio cooking up a storm (figuratively), I managed to work on several Still Life poses for my BeStill_52 class, as well as a few ideas I had myself.

Session 22 – 4 Things

Take 4 Items (Loaf of bread, linen, twine and scissors), poses them and then create a triptych, that was interesting, I have never done a Triptych before, it’s becoming something of a new obsession lol. Added a soft linen weave texture, barely noticeable. 22 - 4 things

Session 29 – Things on chairs

Shoot something hanging on a chair from three different perspectives. I burrowed these pointe shoes from a dancer friend, and hung them from a plain country timber chair, added lots of tulle and light. The texture added on this shot, adds additional haze and light, but very little texture.

Things on Chairs

Session 33 – Citrus

I wanted to do something a little more fun with this one, and it was late on a Saturday Afternoon, oh and you can’t let the Tequila go to waste! The only light used was the one from under the overhead (just out of shot) and what was left of natural daylight from kitchen window behind me.Slight grunge texture to add a vignette.DSC_6968-Edit

38 – Side Light
Lots of soft fabric, cotton, linen, tulle, soft pink rose and ribbons as well as a tiara. All lit by 1 x softbox side on to shot. So soft and pretty…….perfect for wedding accessories. Soft linen textures added for light and softness, as well as slight haze.


All photos edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. Til next time, happy snapping…