Autumn Outings – Kryal Castle


Kryal Castle is a replica medieval castle located just outside of Ballarat, Australia, at Leigh Creek. The castle’s name derives from the first initial and surname of its builder, Keith Ryall, who had made his fortune selling body armour. Construction began in 1972, and the attraction was first opened to the public in 1974.

The castle features a moat and drawbridge, a maze, castle towers, stocks, a torture museum and an armoury, there is the Dragon’s Labyrinth and Gardens, a church, jousting arena, cemetery and much more. In 2013, it was reopened, having been developed into a multi-use venue, offering daytime and night-time tourism, and entertainment experiences. There is four-star Castle accommodation, as well as function, wedding and conferencing facilities. Medieval adventure, fantasy and theme park concepts have been developed. The medieval sport of jousting has been reintroduced along with sound and light attractions.

We recently spent a very pleasant few hours here on the way to another event. I had really wanted to see the live Jousting, but we had a lot of fun exploring the whole castle and the grounds. Aimed more at children, than adults, it did not stop us from taking lots of photos and having a wonderful time in the Autumn Sunshine. It currently has an Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass theme on at the moment.

Til next time, happy snapping…



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