Horror Workshop – Part 1

In addition to Wednesday’s Autumn Outings I thought I would do a post today on a Studio Workshop I recently attended, with 2 gorgeous models and a fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist. Our Shoot for the day had a Horror theme. Right from the outset I really wanted to do old school Hollywood style Horror, with dramatic lighting and mostly Black and White. The Hair and Makeup (HMUA) was done by the talented Dee Harding and was so good, I had to keep some in colour. There was 5 of us who attended this workshop, which went for 7 hours…………long day; but so worth it.

Our first model was Rachelle James (I have worked with Rachelle before, you might remember her from the Bike Shoot?). This time no Bike and no Frank (Bikie), just her some glam costumes and that really cool makeup. We ran off 1 x overhead strobe, 1 x 45 degree main strobe and a strip light, no flash, but a little natural light. We all took turns putting Rachelle through her paces, I felt a lot more comfortable this time round, I knew Peter (our Host) and I have worked with Rachelle, plus I guess I am now a lot more experienced working with models now……….concept shooting is VERY different from toddlers, newborns and family portraits.

We used smoke machine, we had this creepy, cool old cemetery backdrop, lots of black and red fabric to play with the last two images, I had the idea to shoot through a veil (looks creepy huh?) and then shoot through some white chiffon to achieve this slightly blurry tintype effect (draped the fabric over the end of the lens).

Not much more to add, I will leave you with a gallery of pics and do a second post with the other Model Jess Ami.

Til next time, happy snapping…