Monday Musings

It has been such an exciting week, starting with the Studio Workshop I attended last weekend, networking with some fabulous people has put me in a collaboration with some wonderful artists for future projects (ssh). We have been brainstorming and working on ideas for future shoots. It will take some time to get each idea to fruition as they as quite complex, but I will fill you in on more details, as it approaches….but it is VERY exciting.

I also ran my first Still Life / Product Photography workshop, which was loads of fun, I think we all learnt something, maybe even a lot. I got to try my hand at a few concepts I had wanted to set up, just for fun. Once everyone got a handle of a few basic concepts, they were so creative! Can’t wait for the next one…… the new studio after the renovation.


Which of course leads me into the reno. We are still trying to empty everything out, sort through things and find places to store it all, while still running shoots, I have one more day of shooting, then it all comes down. I will be studio-less for about a week, and then I have to put everything back in! I think there will be a cull in there as well, especially all my old Folk Art (Painting) stuff…….I never really paint these days, but I don’t want to throw it all out, so it will get sorted and packed away out of site. I can then arrange all my still life items where they are safe, but accessible, at the moment it is all just stuffed where ever, all such a mess! I can’t wait to have it all finished.

Can you beleive in 2 days it will officially be Winter here in Australia? This year has been so much fun, and it is almost halfway through already. The wet and cold of Winter won’t hold me back; perhaps we won’t do any camping, but there are still lots of planned weekends away. My networking this year is really starting to pay off with invites to all sorts of events, workshops and weekends away are coming out of the wood work. I have been so lucky to work with some talented & giving people.I am truly excited about each and every weekend…….there is always something to look forward too.

Here’s hoping you all have a brilliant week ahead and happy snapping…