Contemplation – Week 11

LavenderAfter a short Break Desley is back for Week 11 of Contemplation

So on to this week’s prompt: What’s the next book you’re going to read?

Honestly, some days it’s like she is pulling thoughts out of my brain! Read? Oh my yes, boy did I read, we had a whole room as a library, with so, so many books. Even my kids and hubby were readers…………what happened? That’s a damn good question. We all used to read, then I guess my kids were going through Secondary School and University and spent all their time studying and reading for study, and never really read just for fun.

We went 21st Century a few years back and got E-Books, which we could load our entire library digitally…..we sold, gave away most of our physical books and converted the library into a PC room. E-Books certainly made things easier in many ways. My first E-Reader/Book died from overuse (I am sure) and I purchased a new Kobo Reader about 2 years ago……….it is so small, convenient and easy to use, I can make the font size as big as I like and it is even back lit for reading in bed; but I don’t.

I read manuals for work, I read (or is that skim?) 100’s of email weekly (Sometimes daily), also for work. I read zillions of blog posts, I devour online tutorials, but I never just read anymore. I guess I spend all day on a computer, then I get home and am often on a computer creating art or playing with photos. On weekends we are out shooting, attending workshops (or running them), I guess when I do get some down time, it is easier to just plonk down in front of the TV. It’s pathetic I know, but as Desley said sometimes it’s just easier to get it spoon fed to your brain via the Tube. I’m guilty of Netflix, online and various ‘other’ ways of getting TV too. Some days all I want to do is nothing…….which inevitably means watching TV. Even when I had a cold last week, I could have curled up with a book, but NO, I watched movie after movie on TV.

But back to the question at hand, I have no idea what to read next. I have read everything I own, I have no ‘to read’ pile. Perhaps this is my problem? I have several favourite authors, none of which have released anything new. There is nothing which has caught my fancy, no new authors. I read fantasy stuff, that is ALL I read. No Biographies, no non-fiction, just fantasy as an escape. I guess maybe that is another reason…..I don’t WANT to escape my life at the moment. I am having the time of my life and my art and my photography is my escape. I create my own worlds with my digital art. I am making up my own stories. Perhaps someday, I will sit in my Zen corner with a new book, but for today I am actually much happier to sit in my Zen corner with a cup of coffee and absorb life, watching the fall of light, the birds and bugs and lizards and frogs and fish in my garden………enjoy the company of friends, family and animals….and make pretty pictures.