Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Paths & Walkways

This week’s CFFC is Paths and walkways, I seem to have a ‘thing’ for hallways in particular (I have so many to bore you with in my archives, and even a few lovely garden paths.



DSC_3185DSC_1729DSC_1666Picnic Dinner

I look at these lovely paths and long for warmer days, so I can visit them again in their splendour, now they are mostly bare, the ground is wet and muddy and cold winds blow through the branches and along pathways.

~ Julz

Conceptual Art – Vintage Circus

After many weeks of planning, moods board, metres of fabric, bales of hay and constant late night chats, we were finally ready to set up for our Vintage Circus Shoot. Three Models (Rachelle, Teena & Luke), three Photographers (Myself, Peter and Beck) and two Hair and Makeup Artists later (Dee and Kira), not to mention coffee, lots of coffee! We were ready.

This shoot was inspired by many different photos from all over the place, but we wanted to keep one thing in mind…Vintage Circus. The setup took hours to get just right, fabric hanging just right, accessories had to be just so, it took a bit of begging and burrowing to get everything required. The funny thing is, most of it is in the background and not a centrepiece, but without all those little extras it would not have looked the same.

The hair and makeup took awhile, but was perfect, the costumes (which we had purchased at costume sales earlier in the year) were perfect, everyone was excited to begin. We started at 9am with the makeup and finishing touches to the set and finished shooting at 7pm and then we had to pack up and dismantle the set. Long Day………..not much more to say, here are the pics (well just a few).

Til next time, dream big and happy snapping…

~ Julz


Contemplation – Week 15

I’m running a little behind this week, I almost forgot to write this post, clearly my age is showing (forgetting things), which is funny considering the prompt for this week’s post from the effervescent Desley at Musing of a Frequently flying Scientist  

this week’s prompt: Do you feel younger or older than your actual age?

Can I say it depends on the time of day? Honestly I feel different at different times of the day; let me explain…..when I first get up I feel like I am over 100, stiff and sore, and can barely move (Damn arthritis).  Once I start to move around and loosen up, I feel OK, I guess I feel my physical age (eek nearly 50 oh my), mentally I ‘feel’ younger than I ever have, silly isn’t. I enjoy life and worry less about the little stuff (mostly). In some ways I feel the same as I did when I was 20…….just the body doesn’t seem to agree :-). I used to worry about people treating me like a child (I got married and had kids young), I still like doing similar things, I still like the same music, I still like the same kind of foods……if anything I am more of a daredevil now than back then.

These days my motto is like Nike……Just Do It, seriously I don’t worry what others will think, if it’s something I really want to try, then I do it. Even when I know I will hurt like hell tomorrow, I will still do it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t do really dangerous silly things, but I don’t worry about looking like an idiot, and if I am doing ‘it’ with friends, then we can all look silly together and have a great laugh. Even if ‘it’ is standing around a carpark at 11pm a night in 2c doing light painting on the top of a mountain. Romping around a forest at 7am with my camera while my husband is dressed like a giant rabbit……….sure we get some weird looks; but these days I just laugh.

Until about 9 – 10pm………then I’m usually starting to feel like an old chook again hahahaha. The one thing I don’t do anymore is stay out all night at night clubs, getting home in the wee hours, only to get up and go to work. Nope, if I am up late, I try and sleep in or have a cat nap in the afternoons. My body does not recover as well or as quickly as it used to.

But getting older does suck…..I wish I had the attitude I do now, when I was young and fit and could really enjoy it. Honestly until I move or something twinges, I feel the same as I did 30 years ago, I don’t feel older, I am maybe more mature (although sometimes I think it might be less mature?), it’s just when I look in the mirror and see this fat, old lady looking back at me……I don’t recognise her, honestly I don’t. Maybe that’s why I hate having my picture taken? I am trying to get over this, I really am.

Then as you said Desley, watching family get older too, no fun. I have lost my Grandparents, years ago. Moth has lost both his parents too, but watching mine get old and frail……I really don’t like it. Even my Aunt, I lost my Uncle a few years ago, but my Aunt, like my Dad she is timeless and larger than life, we are so similar in so many ways, but both are now getting old. I guess my Mum has been frail for years in many ways, but still travelling and writing and stuff. But now……they are old and frail. Makes you think about your own mortality; it’s sad.

~ Julz

Birds of Prey – Private Bird Experience

I have been very privileged with people I have met through Photography and various Facebook Groups, to be offered some very exciting opportunites; one of which was a Private Bird shoot with some birds of Prey. So on a cold, wet Saturday Moth, Myself and 18 other people drove up to Garibaldi (near Ballarat) to stand in a field with a keeper, various different birds and our cameras at the ready.  I have not had a huge amount of luck with Bird Photography. My last effort yielded a few fabulous shots, but mostly air and a bit of tail! Sure I’m fine when they sit still………but they fly so fast!

Bird 1

Wedgetail Eagle

Bird 2

Nankeen Kestrel

Most of the birds are rescue birds, some with physical difficulties (Blind, damaged wings), some are imprinted (ever seen a Wedgetail Eagle snuggle and hug a person – it’s cute, but weird), Martin (The keeper) discussed each bird with us, the natural traits, conservation efforts, natural dangers and how that particular bird came to him. Each bird was displayed (quite happily) on Martin’s gloved arm and then he let most of the free fly. This is were the conditions, my camera and my own physical limitations hit a wall. My camera is not overly fast, great for what I normally shoot, but not fast, add the very dark, gloomy conditions, meant cameras had to shoot even faster, and then the birds, some of which are incredibly fast (60kms)……..to put it bluntly I got a LOT of blurred air photos, a great shot of the car park, other photographers lenses……….but not much in the way of birds in flight.

Anyway this went on for about 1 & 1/2 hours and then we had a lovely afternoon tea. We got to see Nankeen Kestral (Australia’s smallest falcon), Wedgetail Eagle, Little Eagle, Barn Owl (So pretty and soooooo soft), Peregrine Falcon. It was a educational and very interesting day, especially to see these birds up so close.

Martin and the birds are from Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary. Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz


I posted an image on a Facebook Group today, this image to be exact;


It’s a Fine Art piece from a recent Vintage Clown shoot, I have called it “Fin”, as in the old cinema end instead of Finish or The End. My Clown is exhausted, a broken Doll at the end of a show. Then something happened, apart from people saying they liked it……..someone said it made them think of a song; Barbara Streisand’s Send in the Clowns and she posted a link……..which in turn triggered a memory and then inspired a piece of art, she was working on. HOW COOL is that?

I am often being inspired by other artists, but to hear I have inspired someone else…….without sounding like a grinning idiot, I felt proud, awesome, warm tingly feeling. 🙂

Just had to share!

~ Julz




Monday’s Musings

Monday again already? Well I guess I can’t complain I had a very relaxing weekend, slept in both Saturday and Sunday, then spent the whole weekend with the finishing touches in the Studio. It looks wonderful and I have so much room! I also have a window I can use (It was covered up with junk before) for natural light photography.

Still Life-249-Edit

I have taken a series of during the reno and after (I forgot to take before d’oh)photos, here is a shot of all my stuff……….mostly nik naks for Still Life; it’s becoming quite the collection. This of course can’t really be seen as it hides behind curtains and my backdrops.


All my stuff!

Will do a full post on it all soon. Meanwhile I have been playing with some still life (yay!) and I am open ready for business, already have the next few weeks all lined up……hopefully it all works well!

Not much more to report, here’s hoping you all have a brilliant week ahead…

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners

This week’s WPC is Partnerships, after a recent collaboration with several people on a shoot, this was not a difficult one to figure out, it was a huge job, 3 photographers, 3 models, and 2 hair and makeup artists later….

Circus Team

Photographers from left; Beck, Peter, Myself……Models; Teena and Rachelle


Models; Rachelle, Teena and Luke with HMUA Dee Harding

I will post more pics from the shoot next week.

~ Julz