Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – City Skyline

Cee’s challenge this week is all about city skylines, before I picked up a DSLR I never went to the city, I didn’t like the hustle and bustle……..I didn’t like the sights, the sounds and the smell. Then someone took me into the city at night, and taught me how to shoot in low light, and I was suddenly made aware of something that every tourist sees about my wonderful home town, but I had never really noticed……she is a beautiful city. Sure it’s no London, Paris or New York; but there is unparalleled beauty in Melbourne, and now I see it whenever I am in the City…….I have been in the City more times in the last 12 months than I think I have in my entire life.

Isn’t funny, how when you are shown ‘how’ to look at something differently, it’s like a veil of blindness has been lifted.


Reflections of Docklands

Silhouette from Princes Pier

Melbourne Twilight

Sunset Yarra from Princes St Bridge with ND Filter

Melbourne Dawn-

Pre Dawn over Yarra from Princes St Bridge


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