Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Vintage

This week’s challenge is something vintage, I like vintage, I have a collection of old vintage things from various Antique and /or Junk shops, plus stuff found when cleaning out Nan’s Apartment, things I have inherited.  I really enjoy using them in my still life images.


Replica (probably) Antique large keys, old apple crate and reproduction Windmill Blade


Same Keys, plus very old Cobblers shoe rack


This Royal Doulton Cup and Saucer belonged to my Grandmother (Nan)


These books are my mother’s from when she was a child

Great challenge this week, til next time, happy snapping…


14 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Vintage

  1. I’d love to know what was behind the door that those keys unlocked. My partner also has a full tea service that his Grandmother used. Sadly, the cups would break as soon as boiling water was poured into them now, so it sits in a cupboard.
    Great photos for this week’s challenge, Julz.

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