Still Life, Product Photography Workshop

I was talking to some people in my Photography Group about running a small workshop on how to shoot Still Life and Product Photography, there was a huge amount of interest, so I set up two to start with; I was inundated! I am trying to restrict numbers to about 6 people, other wise my studio will be too cramped and the weather is too cold at the moment to work comfortably outside.


So I set up my first Workshop and then set up the 2nd…I will see how these go and then set up a 3, 4 and 5! I could possibly run one a month for the rest of the year…….shame I don’t get paid, lol. Anyway we set up two different areas in the studio and split into groups, we also tethered some of the cameras to a PC which I set up out there as well. We could see live on a larger screen the effects of different apertures and lighting scenarios. I wanted to cover off a variety of things from set up, lighting, shooting styles, angles, soft still life, product photography and more, as well as basic editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. It was quite a day. I had a large sheet of Black Perspex and a large mirror to use for reflective shots……..that caused quite a lot of interest I can tell you. (I only got the two shots at the top, I will have to play some more in my own time).

Once we went through a few basic concepts and discussed a few shot ideas, they were all in, sure a bit tentative at the start, and then everyone got so engrossed in what, where, how, lights, backdrops, subject matter………it was fantastic! Two ladies in particular were so creative and worked as such a great team, it was so rewarding to watch as their creativeness and imagination flourished in one day. I have not seen all their images yet, but I can’t wait. Silly me forgot to take any behind the scene shots :-(. Actually I really didn’t take that many shots at all, I was far to busy helping everyone.

It really was so rewarding to see so many people so inspired, excited and happy, it in turn made me excited and inspired. Some posted their amazing images on Facebook (private group) and wrote such lovely things about Us and the workshop; this got others really excited and my list of people on the waiting list is getting even larger. Moth never reads my blog posts……….but I do wish to thank him for everything he did to help during this workshop……I don’t think it would have worked as effortlessly as it did without him.Still I was exhausted when the last person left……such a long day, but immensely enjoyable.