Contemplation – Week 12

Desley brings us another thought provoking prompt for this week’s Contemplation,

I thought this was a good prompt for this week: Right now, I feel…..

Considering it’s currently 2:30 am while I write this, pretty damn tired! Insomnia, I’ve been struggling with this of late, not stress, just thoughts running through my head, excited about upcoming events, I think I am over stimulated, lol. I have so many ideas and I just lay awake at night with my brain in overdrive. I’ve tried meditating, but even that’s not working. So here I am on WP checking out everyone’s blog.

I am behind a little in my studies; not much, but a little, I am finding it difficult to concentrate on tutorials and assignments while I am in this state. I have been practising and I still have those light bulb moments; this image was something I have been wanting to try for a little while…….”Awakening”.


Well now that I have read a lot, written a little, maybe I can get some sleep……