Hugh’s Weekly Photos Challenge – Glorious

This week Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge, asks us for our interpretation of Glorious; should be interesting as everyone surely sees things in a different way when they think of this word and what it means to them.

I like Hugh’s vision with sunshine, water and boats, especially the water. I love a grand sweeping vistas as well, a few dramatic clouds is always good too. And who doesn’t love an amazing sunset? Now THAT is Glorious to me.

I love her jewel-sea

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road


Port Nepean from the Narrows


Sunset at Blairgowrie Back Beach

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…



8 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photos Challenge – Glorious

  1. I agree, Julz, when I picked this word I had a number of different photos I could have used. All were quite different, but I stuck with the one that spoke Glorious more. All three of your photos are glorious in so many ways. Colours, scene, location…

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