Creation of a Concept Shoot

A few weeks ago I did a Workshop with some other photographers and I was approached to work with a couple of them for some private concept shoots. A lot of messages back and forth and we struck up a deal and started brainstorming. My team consists of myself and two other photographers, both amazing photographers in their own right. A night of feverish Instant Messages back and forth we had decided on a date and our first concept………ssh it’s Secret. Within the next few days the Models were booked, as was HMUA, props were discussed, ideas thrown around and mood boards created…….a whirlwind of creative activity. Quite heady really on top of other shoots I was currently trying to plan and map out, as well as packing up the studio.

We have come up with ideas for other shoots as well, but will start out slowly with one. So we agreed to meet for a planning session to work out exactly what we needed. This was all new, I haven’t done a shoot that required weeks to set up and hours of planning, and building sets. I know some artists (for they are artists who work with a camera) take months in preparation, and arranging to get things just they way they invision them. Ours isn’t quite on the same scale………..but maybe one day. Everyone walked away with a clearer sense of what each needed to arrange.

Next step was arranging Β costumes, there was a sale at a Costume Hire Place, so we all met up early, on a frosty Sunday morning, cash in hand, hoping to grab a bargain or two for this shoot, but also future endeavours. Our first theme could be easily be expanded on, in fact the thought of expanding on this is very exciting. We were first to get in (luckily) and grabbed quite a few fantastic props for the this shoot and some others. I also managed to pick up a special prop to continue on with my Mask theme………..more on that later.

So that is where we are at, all still hush hush…….not much more to say. Will give you an update when I can. I see some more late night planning sessions, as well as Hair and Make Up run throughs, and then setting the stage and lighting run through. Wow, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks…..such fun.