Daily Post – Transformation

I guess we all go through transformation from time to time; internally, externally, emotionally. You could change your hairstyle, change where you live or your job, there are lots of different ways to transform your life. Personally I like renovating, I often think I am crazy at the time, I’m almost finished my 2 house, I live in them and do them a little at a time. To date I have done 2 x kitchens, 2 x laundries, 3 x bathrooms, a back deck area and of course countless paint on bedroom and lounge room walls, and then there are the gardens and entertaining areas.

Then of course once they are renovated comes the decorating, I like that too. 🙂 Sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new, sometimes the other way round and I add some antiques, my current house is mostly modern in styling.

My current transformation is the garage/studio. I have converted our garage into my photography studio, it’s not the grandest of places, but it is open and serviceable, if not a little cluttered. We have a shelf/loft or mezzanine floor covering some of the roof space, but it is sagging and dangerous, is too low for my liking and does not give quite enough storage, so we pulled it all down and had a new one built!

That of course meant emptying everything off the shelf area, as well as the rest of the garage……..wow have we got some stuff. Isn’t amazing how much stuff you can accumulate and how quickly? Anyway, so I have stuff stored all over my house and back deck area while this transformation is happening; it’s a bit of a pain (literally I tripped over a box last night and stubbed my big toe ~ ouch!) We have started painting, but there is still some work to do and hopefully by next weekend I can start to move back in!

The funny thing is about these sorts of transformation is they take time and are more often than not messy. I have no patience and hate mess, so I am beside myself during the actual renovation…….silly isn’t it. I love the planning stage and I love the finished stage, but the actual in between stage drives me to distraction. I have gotten better with age…….now I tend to shut the door on the mess and go out, try not to think about it, set backs used to upset me no end, now they just frustrate me……like currently IF we could get a plasterers on site, my studio might have been finished this week! But alas I have to wait.Sorry no pics (?), I know right I’m a photographer right? I will take some before it’s finished and when it’s finished and will write a proper post……..this is more of a semi rant :-0

~ Julz


2 thoughts on “Daily Post – Transformation

  1. I also love to ‘mix it up’ a bit from time to time. It’s fun to repurpose (or rediscover!) something you’ve tucked away for years. Sometimes I’ll see something in a magazine or online and that proverbial light bulb goes off in my head – hey! I have that that would be PERFECT for this!!

    Decorating is a love of mine. When it comes to the actual ‘work’ such as painting, moving large pieces of furniture, hanging picture frames, etc. I have to rely on my husband. I’m either too short, too weak or not as patient/detailed to obtain the desired results as he is. My husband is sometimes meticulous to a fault!!

    Looking forward to photos of the finished product when everything is ‘just so’. 🙂

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