Monday’s Musings

Well it’s been another week and another long weekend, sadly the last for a few months, but not my last weekend away. But first things first!

The Studio – I must give a big shout out to Mark, my fabulous builder, he did our wonderful deck and now has completed the work on the studio. He has truly transformed my garage into a wonderful area, that is beautiful, as well as functional and usable for everyday life. We now have so much storage and can put up all the stuff we don’t need access to all the time; Christmas Decorations, Camping etc. The rest of the space is dedicated to my photography, or should I say ‘our’ photography, Moth does not particularly like Portraits, but he is enjoying my concept shoots and has found a taste for Product Photography and Still Life……..just more masculine in his approach and not so many flowers! Will post pics soon, I promise.

We still have to paint and put everything away, but it is getting there slowly, I cannot wait to official re open and start doing some wonderful shoots, meanwhile I can still shoot some still life, and now I even have some natural light and a window to use!

Warburton – As you read this I am possibly still away, (sorry this is a scheduled post), we went with some photography friends to a sleepy little Victorian Alpine area for some exploring, photography, good food, great company and some Light Painting. It feels like forever since we went out to shoot some fabulous scenery, as long as it doesn’t get rained (or snowed) out, I am sure we will survive the cold (Don’t forget folks we are in Winter down here in Australia).

We are planning on using the same Redwood Forest I used in my Mask Shoot with Moth, for the Light Painting and perhaps sneak in a concept shoot or two (One of the photographers we going also shoots Concepts). I also plan of expanding on the Mask shoot and sneaking away to a secret spot with Moth, ssh more on this later.

Midnight Madness

So I have packed lots of warm clothes, thermal underwear, cloaks, hats, gloves and thick socks, tramping through an Alpine Forest in Winter; are we insane? Seriously 2 years ago I would NEVER have left the house in Winter (apart from going to work), let alone willingly go out in it for several hours, just for FUN! It’s funny how your life sometimes takes you places you never expected?

This week ahead will be a very busy one, we have final run throughs for our Big Concept collaboration shoot which is scheduled for Sunday……WOW can’t believe it is only a few days away. Time to start planning the next one. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Next Saturday is also an exciting shoot, with a Private Shoot with some Birds of Prey, and not a zoo sitting like my last time; nice and close and hopefully it wont be cancelled due to extreme weather.

Speaking of weather it has been most foul this year Down Under; I know it’s Winter, but frequently our Winters are quite mild, compared to the rest of the world…..I have not seen snow where we live in over 20 years; Global Warming? I know there is a lot of scuttle butt about it but I know the seasons have changed dramatically here, I would even goes as far as to say they have moved…….seriously when I was a kid we were often swimming in October & November and we always spent Christmas Day in the pool…….now we get a hot burst in October and then Spring turns up about November through til January……..and then Summer hits in February……crazy! Also we definitely do not get as much rain as we used to, most of the state has been in drought for decades! Enough of that….

Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous week, and I will be back live shortly!