Tuesday’s Texture

I mentioned recently that I bought a few new props for my Still Life shoots, which I have been wanting to play with. I unfortunately have not had much time, due to other commitments, but that is the beauty of still life, it can wait and will always be there when I am ready! So, The World of Pooh book I picked up 2nd hand as well as the milk jug. The peonies I have had for awhile (you didn’t think they were real did you?), I have now added some lavender. The backdrop was placed for another shoot, I quickly placed the props on the chair and played for a little while before that shoot.Product-146Product-147Product-149-Edit

Gave each image a slightly different colouring and mood, as well as subtle soft textures, the last one is using a texture I have called Library, I created it myself with soft linen over layed with grunge textures and newsprint (you can hardly see it) and random bits of text.It gives a lovely old world vintage feel to an image.

Now I know I am a glutton for punishment and I am always complaining how busy I am, but I have signed up for another (yes you read correct) Still Life class with Kim Klassen; Be Still | One Year [Wiser]. Now I know you will probably all think I am completely insane (and it could be true), but Kim’s classes are amazing and insightful and not just about still life and photography, in some ways it is like therapy and is so calming. It is in small bit size pieces, so I can do as much or as little as I like, and it is self paced, mostly……..although so runs the classes monthly. I can do them on my lunch break, waiting at the dentist or doctors office, The rimes when I find I am bored and often turn to Candy Crush Saga or similar.

Til next time, happy snapping…


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