Winter Wanderings – Warburton

Frosty & Merlot

Recently, a photography friend invited Moth and I, away with them and another couple for some fun and light painting in Warburton, Victoria. It was Queen’s Birthday Long weekend……the official start of Victoria’s Snow season; and we were heading right into it!

So we went prepared with a car full of hiking boots, hats, scarves, gloves, jackets, thermal underwear, more hats, gloves, scarves and jackets and hope to keep warm! We did so much on this 3 day trip I may have to break up the posts. We all arrived and met up Saturday Afternoon and spent time chatting and having a few social drinks, while working out our plans for the rest of the weekend. We had already done some exploring on the way up (as the others had done too). We had a lovely dinner out, loads of laughs and great food. We had planned to go the the Redwood Forest to try our hand at a few new ideas with Light Painting, Moth and I planned to do our own thing Early Sunday Morning (I mean early) and then we went for a walk through the Rain Forest Gallery, followed by a touch of off road (more mud than anything) down to Healesville…….it’s a lovely scenic drive. We also went to Mount Donna Buang and played in the snow from the night before. The Snowman above we dressed ourselves (yes I took a Top Hat camping – don’t you?) and Merlot the dog……..usually referred to as Muddy Merlot; he belongs to Dee and Bill who went with us as well.

MushroomWinter LeavesFreeze

We found treasures in the forest and along the Yarra River, moss and tress and toadstools, the cascades were wonderful for long exposures and with 4 photographers in the group it took us awhile to do the short walk :-)……..too many photo opportunities.

The evenings we spent with good food and lots of laughs, followed by freezing in nearing 0c temperatures playing with lights and flaming steel wool in the forest and on top of Mountains.

I still have so many photos to go through. I will break it all up into a few posts, I think and go into more detail for each. We also did a bit of antiquing and junk shop hunting and picked up a few bargains, a few treasures for still life and my new concept shoot. We spent a little time exploring the township of Warburton as well, but it is not very big. On Monday morning Moth and I slept in a little, did some shopping and exploring and then finally made our way home. It was a wonderfully funny and relaxing weekend with good people, good food and good fun (albeit very cold).

Will post some more photos soon, once I have gone through some more. Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz