Contemplation – Week 14

Each week Desley shares with us a new prompt from her KikkiK Journal, she felt perhaps she really had not got over any challenges herself, but did mention about working hard on getting past the small annoying stuff, so she could focus on the good ‘stuff’……personally I think that is quite a challenge to overcome.

This week’s prompt: What challenge did you overcome today?

But me? What did I overcome today? Well honestly after the last few days, just getting out of bed was challenging enough.I had a huge weekend and I am still getting over it. Exhaustion, stage right! This is a partial team photo from our mammoth Vintage Circus shoot on the weekend, taken by the wonderful Puppet Master, Peter B. Featuring Peter, Myself, the other photographer Beck and just two of our models Teena and Rachelle (Our broken clown dolls).


But in my aches and pains and tiredness it does bring the small annoying stuff to the forefront, have ever you noticed that? I too have worked on not sweating the little stuff and trying to just let them go. I’m (usually) in less of a hurry to get nowhere, and little annoying things that people do, I just shrug off. Ignore the idiots and hope they just leave me alone. Turn a negative into a positive, like Desley mentioned. She did have one thing, which is a difficult one, when a friend takes over the top of you………mmmm that’s a biggy. I am possibly guilty of it as well, but hey when you’re really good friends, does it matter? I mean I know my BFFs and I do it to each other, especially when we’re excited about something; but isn’t that what BFF are for? Sure there is the listening and being there for each other, but it’s not all doom and gloom. I would rather be laughing than crying.

But it does bring us back to the case in point; when you are so totally exhausted, good judgement tends to take a holiday, doesn’t it. Ever noticed that the little things get bigger and more annoying? I felt so impatient with everyone and I am trying to reign myself in. I felt more anxious, less forgiving, why is everyone taking so long with simple tasks……….don’t be so noisy while I’m trying to work, turn the heater up…it’s too cold (Why is it when I’m tired I always feel the cold, or is that just me?). The other thing I tend to do when I’m tired is ramble on……….I’m doing it now.

So my greatest challenge at the moment is getting over the weekend and trying not to stab someone with a ball point pen in the process! (Just kidding)

Here’s hoping you all have a great week!

~ Julz