Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge #22 – Guide the viewer and flipping Photos

This week Cee examines leading the viewer’s eye through a photo with S curves and Brightest spot, as well as reading a photo from left to right / right to left etc. It is really interesting to see the photos which were Flipped to engage the viewer to linger longer. I have never really thought about the reading left to right and then off the page. I know the compositional rule about leading lines and thirds, brightest spot etc. But I have never thought about flipping a photo to engage the viewer more.

So the first few photos are easy enough; Brightest spot.

Created a vignette to darken the edges so the bloom and the bee is the first place the viewer’s eye goes to
I guess this is the exact opposite, due to the fog the tree really stands out, although after looking at it further, you eye sees the tree and then leaves the page
Ignore that the signature is now back to front, but flipped you now notice the little pathway on the left and then the tree and over to the right of frame.
I beleive this image draws the eye from the bottom right up through the image to the top and then to the sunburst in the trees.
Whereas this image leads the eye straight off the page
Cloude Hill Gardens
‘S’ curve is subtle but it still leads the eye from the bottom middle up to the sculpture and then off the frame………it does tend to make the tree on the left (in shadow) redundant


These two images have different curves (one left and one right), which one does your eyes linger over more? It’s interesting, does everyone read from left to right or just Western Cultures due to our written language? Or is it a brain thing?

Sorry I couldn’t offer too much attention to this month’s post, pleading a busy hectic life at the moment.

~ Julz