Monday’s Musings

Monday again already? Well I guess I can’t complain I had a very relaxing weekend, slept in both Saturday and Sunday, then spent the whole weekend with the finishing touches in the Studio. It looks wonderful and I have so much room! I also have a window I can use (It was covered up with junk before) for natural light photography.

Still Life-249-Edit

I have taken a series of during the reno and after (I forgot to take before d’oh)photos, here is a shot of all my stuff……….mostly nik naks for Still Life; it’s becoming quite the collection. This of course can’t really be seen as it hides behind curtains and my backdrops.

All my stuff!

Will do a full post on it all soon. Meanwhile I have been playing with some still life (yay!) and I am open ready for business, already have the next few weeks all lined up……hopefully it all works well!

Not much more to report, here’s hoping you all have a brilliant week ahead…

~ Julz