I posted an image on a Facebook Group today, this image to be exact;


It’s a Fine Art piece from a recent Vintage Clown shoot, I have called it “Fin”, as in the old cinema end instead of Finish or The End. My Clown is exhausted, a broken Doll at the end of a show. Then something happened, apart from people saying they liked it……..someone said it made them think of a song; Barbara Streisand’s Send in the Clowns and she posted a link……..which in turn triggered a memory and then inspired a piece of art, she was working on. HOW COOL is that?

I am often being inspired by other artists, but to hear I have inspired someone else…….without sounding like a grinning idiot, I felt proud, awesome, warm tingly feeling. 🙂

Just had to share!

~ Julz