Conceptual Art – Vintage Circus

After many weeks of planning, moods board, metres of fabric, bales of hay and constant late night chats, we were finally ready to set up for our Vintage Circus Shoot. Three Models (Rachelle, Teena & Luke), three Photographers (Myself, Peter and Beck) and two Hair and Makeup Artists later (Dee and Kira), not to mention coffee, lots of coffee! We were ready.

This shoot was inspired by many different photos from all over the place, but we wanted to keep one thing in mind…Vintage Circus. The setup took hours to get just right, fabric hanging just right, accessories had to be just so, it took a bit of begging and burrowing to get everything required. The funny thing is, most of it is in the background and not a centrepiece, but without all those little extras it would not have looked the same.

The hair and makeup took awhile, but was perfect, the costumes (which we had purchased at costume sales earlier in the year) were perfect, everyone was excited to begin. We started at 9am with the makeup and finishing touches to the set and finished shooting at 7pm and then we had to pack up and dismantle the set. Long Day………..not much more to say, here are the pics (well just a few).

Til next time, dream big and happy snapping…

~ Julz