Be Still…Tuesday’s Textures

A little while back I started doing Kim Klassen’s online Be Still Still Life Course, and then her BeStill One Year [Wiser] course, both are amazing, inspirational, healing, meditative and calming. However with so much on of late, I have been letting it slide. I spent a few hours over the weekend in the studio; just playing. So there are quite a few images here…

I have had a few attempts at Week 21 Prompt, but was never happy with any of them, not overly happy with this one in regards to the specs, I do however like this image; I guess it’s my own interpretation. I am not a huge fan of Top Down and have not mastered it, as yet.

Week 21 – Gather, Drop, place, repeat – Top Down

Now you may think it’s a copy and re crop of the image above, but not quite, same backdrop (studio concrete floor) and props………..but things have been moved and I gave it a edgier, moodier feel.


Week 27 – Top Down, Square, 2 x Open sides

OK so this time I am cheating a little, we needed to take inspiration from a magazine picture, I really didn’t feel it (to be honest, apart from maybe the twine) and then make some bunting for a backdrop. I the find the image a little messy and not so pretty, not really my taste, but we have to try new things, right?

Week 36 & 41 – Make Bunting, Create Interest for Background

Using the bunting we made the week before (same day in this case) and use it in the background to help create a vignette. I kind of like the images, but I don’t think I quite hit the mark on the session specs. I did have one problem; this wonderful frame used in the image, fell on the floor and shattered into a dozen pieces 😦 , just after I took this shot. I really liked that frame, cheap yes………but it looked great in photos. It just meant I could not re shoot this shot.

Week 37 – Vignette with Bunting

More pretty pastels, you may have seen this one before, but it is just so pretty

Still Life-249-Edit
Week 44 – Pretty Pastels

Find one object and shoot it at least 4 different ways and then put it in a collage, I didn’t really like the collage much, and prefer the images separately. When you make a collage, I learned to do all images in landscape or portrait, or 2 of each not 1 portrait on it’s own………looks lonely. I also found out the this item is called a LAST..I never knew that either.

Week 45 – One Thing

This last image is fairly self explanatory, Coffee and Change…..

Coffee & Change Small-1
Week 49 – Coffee & Change

Still leaves a few things to shoot from this course, but slowly getting there. I love the fact that I can pick and choose which weeks to do, rather than do them in order.

~ Julz