Contemplation – Week 16

This week Desley asks us from her KikkiK Journal prompt……..

Today’s prompt: What motivated you today?

These days I find I am motivated a lot more than I used to be, well about most things. OK I’ll admit I’m not overly motivated about my day job, but it does give me plenty of free time to work on my own stuff πŸ™‚ (Cheeky aren’t I?). Not necessarily motivated to exercise (or housework) either. But apart from those little stumbling blocks I have plenty to keep me motivated.

Desley mentioned her fear, or lack of it when it comes to public speaking, I totally get it, but I must say it really does depend on the circumstances doesn’t it? I nearly pass out if I had to stand up at say a wedding and give a toast, even my daughter’s 21st scared the hell out of me and I knew everyone in the room! But if I am teaching a workshop, on something I know very well, then I am fine. I used to teach Folk Art workshops to groups from 5 – 50 people…….and I was always nervous, but once I got started I was fine and very comfortable.

Same with the current Product/ Still Life workshops I am running, they are only small groups, but they are in my studio, with my equipment and I know my stuff. I am very happy and confident once I get started, but so nervous beforehand; silly isn’t it?

So back to what motivates me, my art – SIMPLE! Whether it’s photography, still life, editing, digital art, creating concepts, arranging costumers, HMUA, models, props, looking for inspiration……it’s all the same. It’s a process and I love all of it, it gets me out of bed and fuels my days. I look forward to each shoot with new enthusiasm and each piece of art as a new babe. I try and direct all my attention to the next piece, while still trying to flesh out the next one. I always have something on the go.

People ask me where I get my inspiration from……..ask any artist and often they really don’t know, it is just there, in a song, a photo, a painting, a piece of fabric, a sound, it’s all around. But there are steadfast ways to get ideas as well, themes, colours, stories, characters, emotions………these can all help as well.

Today I have a shoot, which I have been trying to schedule for months, it has been planned in my journal for such a long time and tonight……barring misfortune – I get to shoot……..ssssh it’s a surprise, I’ll tell you next time.

~ Julz