Winter Workshops – Still Life #2

On Sunday Moth and I hosted the second of our Winter Product/ Still Life workshops. This was a very different group from last time, no less keen, but a few more seasoned photographers and perhaps a little more laid back. Still super and trying out new ideas, but also adding their own.

We had a special treat, well actually two……….one Lady brought in some vintage cameras for use to use, and one guy brought in some early mobile phones (I did not however manage to get any images of those). We split again into two groups and focus on Product Shoot on the Glass and Black Perspex, and the other group on Still Life, with fresh flowers, crates, old teapots and the like, on softer white and timber backdrops.

After lunch the groups swapped sides and then proceeded to switch back and forth, we even set up a third smaller table for some pretty flower shots as well. This group finished a little earlier for us this time, so Moth and I got a little time to play as well.

Also Bev let me hold onto the vintage cameras for a little while longer, so I could play in my own time………isn’t that nice?

That’s about it, til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz